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Unit 2 – Your Home

Hi, welcome to unit 2 – Your Home!

This is all about managing the basics of keeping a home during your time at YMCA DLG and when you leave. In this unit you will learn about managing your tenancy, cooking and cleaning, home maintenance, home security and laundry. Some of these topics might be obvious, but hopefully we have listed some helpful tips and hints throughout!

You may have lots of experience of managing a home, or none at all and don’t know where to start. There is lots of useful information here for everyone.

To pass this unit you will be able to: 

  • Show you understand the legal rights and responsibilities of being a tenant 
  • Know who and how to ask for help and advice 
  • Sort, separate, wash, dry and iron clothes 
  • Clean and maintain your home items  
  • Secure your home, manage visitors, get help in an emergency 
  • Understand what a balanced meal is, plan meals, shop on a budget and cook

You can show your project worker what you are able to do by:

  • Sharing photos, e.g., of you shopping or of a meal you’ve made 
  • Sharing any documents that show your abilities 
  • Going through the topic online with your project worker and completing the activities 
  • Discussing what you’ve done with your project worker 
  • Room checks

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