Your Health & How You Feel

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Unit 3 – Your Health & How You Feel

Hi, welcome to unit 3 – Your Health and How You Feel! 

This is all about looking after your health. Find out how to access the health services you need, how to look after your body and your mind and where to go for help. Being healthy is a combination of eating well, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.  

You may have lots of experience of looking after your health, or none at all and don’t know where to start. There is lots of useful information here for everyone. 

To pass this unit you will be able to: 

  • Understand the importance of a balanced diet and exercise and good hygiene, and the impact this can have on your physical health 
  • Be registered with a GP, dentist and optician and access sexual health services 
  • Understand how to use substances responsibly, legislation concerning illegal substances and the physical, psychological and financial implications of substance use 
  • Know who and how to ask for help and advice

You can show your project worker what you are able to do by: 

  • Sharing photos of videos, e.g., of a healthy meal you’ve made or doing exercise/sport 
  • Sharing any documents that show you’ve registered with health services 
  • Accessing substance misuse services/counselling 
  • Attending drug and alcohol workshops and smoking cessation groups    
  • Becoming a gym member records 
  • Support Planning 
  • Keywork records  

If you like doing workbooks here are printable workbooks to complete on your own or with a Project Worker. 


Access to Health Services Workbook

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