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Unit 6 – Goals & Aspirations

Hi, welcome to unit 6 – Goals & Aspirations!

This is all about exploring education, training, employment and volunteering opportunities and discovering what your options are.  

You’ll find out how learning and working can impact your life positively and the practicalities of researching, preparing and applying for opportunities.   
Also, how volunteering can benefit your learning and job options as well as improve your confidence and social skills, whilst also doing something helpful in your community. 

Celebrate your achievements, start with recognising your abilities, big and small and get support if you need it!

You may have lots of experience of studying, training or working or very little and don’t know where to start. There is lots of useful information here for everyone. 

To pass this unit you will be able to: 

  • Realise what your skills and strengths are. 
  • Know how to find and apply for education and training courses. 
  • Work out how to find a career path that suits you. 
  • Research and understand the benefits of volunteering for yourself and your community. 

You can show your Project Worker what you are able to do by: 

  • Sharing any documents that show your efforts and abilities in accessing courses, jobs and volunteering opportunities 
  • Going through the topic online with your project worker and completing the activities 
  • Discussing what you’ve done with your project worker 

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