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Unit 1 – Move In

Hi, welcome to unit 1 – Move In!

This is all about Passport to Independence and this webapp, as well as discovering more about yourself and how you learn best. You will find out how to use your learning preferences to your advantage, work out your confidence and motivation levels and set goals. Also, about being a tenant living in YMCADLG supported housing, understanding your rights and your responsibilities. 

Passport to Independence has been co-created with both housing staff and residents living in YMCADLG supported housing services. This means that it has been created by people like you with similar experiences, who understand what skills and knowledge are needed to gain independent living skills.

You can work through this programme with a Project Worker, or by yourself at any time, as long as you have access to some technology (a phone, laptop, tablet etc.) and the internet. If you are struggling with access to these, please speak to a Project Worker who will be able to support you.

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To pass this unit you will be able to: 

  • Understand your learning preference and how to use this throughout the programme 
  • Make a personalised plan with goals 
  • Learn tools and methods to stay motivated and gain confidence 
  • Understand what is required of you to live in YMCA DLG accommodation 
  • Understand the requirements of your tenancy agreement/license 
  • Understand the legal rights and responsibilities of being a tenant 
  • Know who and how to ask for help and advice 

You can show your project worker what you are able to do by: 

  • Making a plan with goals
  • Going through the topic online and completing the activities 
  • Asking questions and discussing your tenancy

Passport to Independence

Let’s get started to build the confidence and skills you need to live independently!

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