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Unit 8 – Move On

Hi, welcome to unit 8 – Move On! 

This is all about your housing options and making sure you are confident you have the skills to move on and live more independently. 

  • What housing options are available? 
  • How can I access different types of housing? 
  • What is the best option for me? 
  • Have I got the skills I need to live independently? 
  • Who can I ask for help?  

You may know about different housing options and what might be the best option for you, or not be sure at all about what’s available and how to access it. There is lots of useful information here for everyone. 

To pass this unit you will be able to: 

  • Find out what housing is available and make a decision about the best option for you
  • Access different types of housing 
  • Show you have a variety of independent living skills 
  • Understand how and who to ask for help 
  • Show you’re able to maintain a tenancy/license  

You can show your project worker what you are able to do by:

  • Researching available housing
  • Working through your support plan to gain the skills and knowledge you need
  • Achieving your P2i badges and certificates
  • Being a good tenant and abiding by your license agreement whilst living in YMCA DLG supported accommodation

Passport to Independence

Let’s get started to build the confidence and skills you need to live independently!

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