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Move In

Unit 1 – Move In Hi, welcome to unit 1 – Move In! This is all about Passport to Independence and this webapp, as well as discovering more about yourself and how you learn best. You will find out how to use your learning preferences to your advantage, work out your confidence and motivation levels […]

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Your Home

Unit 2 – Your Home Hi, welcome to unit 2 – Your Home! This is all about managing the basics of keeping a home during your time at YMCA DLG and when you leave. In this unit you will learn about managing your tenancy, cooking and cleaning, home maintenance, home security and laundry. Some of […]

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Goals & Aspirations

Unit 6 – Goals & Aspirations Hi, welcome to unit 6 – Goals & Aspirations! This is all about exploring education, training, employment and volunteering opportunities and discovering what your options are.   You’ll find out how learning and working can impact your life positively and the practicalities of researching, preparing and applying for opportunities.   Also, how […]

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Your Choices

Unit 4 – Your Choices Hi, welcome to unit 4 – Your Choices!  This is all about how to have your say, understanding your lawful rights and your responsibilities and how to stay safe.   Find out how to get more involved at YMCADLG. Understand how to make choices within the law, and how to get […]

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You & Your Community

Unit 7 – You & Your Community Hi, welcome to unit 7 – You and Your Community!  This is all about belonging in your community, understanding democracy and how to have influence. Learning about diversity and social skills.  You may have lots of experience of being involved in communities, or none at all and don’t […]

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Your Money

Unit 5 – Your Money Hi, welcome to unit 5 – Your Money!  This is all about working out how to manage your money from when you move in to YMCADLG housing and beyond.  This might feel overwhelming at times, it takes time to learn about managing your money, so it’s good to get the […]

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Move On

Unit 8 – Move On Hi, welcome to unit 8 – Move On!  This is all about your housing options and making sure you are confident you have the skills to move on and live more independently.  You may know about different housing options and what might be the best option for you, or not […]

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